Labor Situation in Japan and Its Analysis
Detailed Exposition 2016/2017

cover design: Detailed Exposition 2016/2017
This publication describes and analyzes the current status of labor issues in Japan: Non-regular workers, Labor Law, Job-Placement Support, Labor Supply and Demand, Regional Employment, and Women's Work.

Full text

Labor Situation in Japan and Its Analysis: Detailed Exposition 2016/2017, full text (PDF:2.18MB)

Table of contents

  1. The Work and Lives of Japanese Non-Regular Workers in the "Mid-Prime-Age" Bracket (Age 35‒44) (PDF:317KB)
  2. Basic Issues of Labor Law under New Types of Work Organization: Japanese Case (PDF:242KB)
  3. Actual Circumstances of Job-Placement Support at University Career Centers and Responses to Students with Difficulty in Employment (PDF:388KB)
  4. Labor Supply and Demand Estimates ― Calculations by Prefecture Based on New National Estimates (2015) (PDF:459KB)
  5. Realities in Japan’s “Regions” and Challenges in Efforts toward Their Revitalization ― A Study Based on Regional Disparities in Employment Opportunities and the Actual Circumstances of the Inter-Regional Migration of Young People (PDF:420KB)
  6. The Regional Migration of Young People in Japan for Education and Employment: An Analysis Focused on Trends among People from Rural Areas (PDF:351KB)
  7. Childrearing Women's Work in Japan: The Expectation-Reality Gap (PDF:272KB)

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