Workshop on Local Employment Development 2005 (Februaly 9–10)
Local Governance for Promoting Employment —Comparing the Performance of Japan and Seven Countries—

The JILPT, in its medium-term research, analyses factors that create regional divergences in the unemployment structure, and makes proposals on industrial policy and on measures for improving the labor market conditions. As part of this research, it invited researchers from the EU countries, the U.S., and the OECD to a research workshop with the principal objective of learning from international experience.


  • Date: Februaly 9–10, 2005
  • Theme: Local Governance for Promoting Employment —Comparing the Performance of Japan and Seven Countries—


Against the widening regional divergences in labor market conditions which have become apparent in the sluggish economy since 1990s, there are calls or promoting policy decentralization and moves to transfer authority on employment policy to regional governments.

Participants (Discussant)

  • Sylvain Giguère / Deputy Head, LEED Programme (OECD)
  • Robert Strauss / Head of Unit, Employment Strategy, DG Employment And Social Affairs, European Commission (EU)
  • Ivan Turok / Professor, University of Glasgow (U.K.)
  • Hugh Mosley / Senior Fellow, Social Science Center Berlin (Germany)
  • Xavier Greffe / Professor, Université de Paris I, Sorbonne (France)
  • Claudio Tagliaferro / Manager, Area Studi Instituzionali e Normativi, ISFOL (Italy)
  • Jan Hendeliowitz / Regional Director, The Public Employment Service, Storstrøm Region (Denmark)
  • Randall Eberts / Executive Director, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research (U.S.)
  • Kozo Aoyama / President, Urban Policy Institute of New York (U.S.)
  • Michèle Fong / Manager, Active Employment Measures Policy, Human Research and Skills Development (Canada)
  • Yoshio Higuchi / Professor, Keio University and Senior Research Fellow, JILPT (Japan)
  • Minoru Ito / Research Director, JILPT (Japan)
  • Kazufumi Yugami / Researcher, JILPT (Japan)

Submitted Papers

The following is the book containing papers presented at the workshop with report of some successful cases of regional employment development in each country, which was added to the papers based on the discussions at the workshop.

Edited by Sylvain Giguère, Yoshio Higuchi, and the Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training

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