JILPT International Seminar 2009 (January 21-23)
Working Time —in Search of New Research Territories Beyond Flexibility Debates—

JILPT organized the International Seminar on Working Time in January, 2009, a two-day seminar with a closed workshop and an open forum in order to learn from the experiences of each participating country and to draw some policy implications through cross-national discussion and comparative analyses.  As the theme of the seminar indicates, this time we took up broader issues beyond flexible working hours, for example: work-life balance, gender gap, growing atypical employment, and long and excessive working time.

The papers presented in the workshop are compiled as JILPT Report No.7 (PDF:2.37MB)



Hiromasa Suzuki / Professor, School of Commerce, Waseda University (Japan)

Discussants (in order of presentation)

François Michon / Directeur de Recherches, CNRS, Université de Paris 1 and IRES (France)

Gerhard Bosh / Exective Director, the Institute for Work, Skills and Training, Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany)

Colette Fagan / Professor of Sociology, School of Social Sciences, The University of Manchester (U.K.)

Dominique Anxo / Professor in Labour Economics, Department of Economics and Statistics, Växjö University (Sweden)

Samuel Rosenberg / Professor of Economics, College of Arts and Sciences, Roosevelt University (U.S.A.)

Kazuya Ogura / Senior Researcher, Department of Working Environment and Work Life Balance, The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training (Japan)

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