JILPT/ILO Networking of National Institutes for Labour Studies 2004
Meeting on Joint Investigative Studies for "Determining the Impact of Information and Communications Technology on Decent Work in the Asia and Pacific Region"


  • Date: December 2–3, 2004
  • Venue: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Co-Organaized: JILPT and ILO-ROAP


The Asian Network of National Institutes of Labour Studies was set up in March 1994 by the Japan Institute of Labour (now JILPT), ILO's Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ILO/RO)A new window opens and International Institute of Labour Studies (IILS).

The main objective of the Network is to enhance the capacity of member institutes of labour studies to significantly contribute to the formulation of labour policies and programmes by national policy makers and socio-economic development planners. The activities of the Network involve investigative studies, organisation of regional conferences and national workshops to discuss and disseminate the results of the investigative work, and to facilitate to sharing of information amongst member institutes on their research and training activities.

For the fourth round of the investigative studies (2002-04), the topic was decided as "Determining the Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Decent Work in the Asia Pacific Region", with which each member institute has been conducting domestic research on for the past period. And in this context, the said meeting was held in its final year with the aim of discussing and consolidating the research results by each member institute. Following are the papers submitted to the meeting.

Country Papers and Authors

Makoto Fujimoto / Researcher of Human Resource Management, Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training (Japan)

Mark Cole / Senior Researcher, Australian Centre for Industrial Relation Research and Teaching (Australia)

Chinese Academy of Labor and Social Security (China)

Ashla Singh / Assistant Lecturer, The University of South Pacific, School of Social and Economic Development Department of Sociology (Fiji)

Uday Kumar Varma and S.K. Sasikumar / Director, V.V. Giri National Labour Institute (India)

Dr Suahasil Nazara, I Dewa Gede Karma Wisana and Deni Friawan / Demographic Institute, Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (Indonesia)

Dr Junwook Hwang, Jai-joon Hur and Kang-shik Choi / Research Fellow, Korea Labour Institute (Korea)

Nepal Foundation for Advanced Studies (Nepal)

Dr. Stephen Blumenfeld / Senior Lecturer, Industrial Relations Center, Victoria Management School, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)

Athar Mahmood Khan and Qamar Ali Shah / Head Department, Pakistan Manpower Institute, Government of Pakistan Labour, Manpower and Overseas (Pakistan)

Jeanette Tana / Deputy Executive Director, Chief Labor and Employment Officer, Institute for Labor Studies, Department of Labour and Employment (Philippines)

M.D.A.L Ranasinghe / Senior Lecturer in Economics, Department of Economics, University of Colombo (Sri Lanka)

Mallika Kunavarana / Member of Sub-committee on the Consideration of National Labour Administration Policies, National Advisory Council for Labour Development, Ministry of Labour (Thailand)

Vinh Dao Quang / Deputy Director, Institute of Labour Science and Social Affairs (Viet Nam)

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