Ⅴ. Working Conditions


34. Rate of Change in Monthly Cash Earnings PDF(PDF:267KB)
35. Trends in Wage Levels PDF(PDF:218KB)
36. General Worker Wages by Education and Age Group, Wage Differentials by Age Group (Industry Totals, Enterprise Size Totals) PDF(PDF:254KB)
37. Trends in Enterprise Wage Differentials by Enterprise Size and Sex (Industry Totals) PDF(PDF:216KB)
38. Wage Differentials by Job Class PDF(PDF:251KB)
39. Wage Increase Trends Determined by Spring Labor Offensive and Bonus Payments (Summer and Year-end) PDF(PDF:252KB)
40. Summer and Year-end Bonus Payments PDF(PDF:251KB)
41. International Comparison of Wages (Manufacturing, Total of Male and Female)
42. Trends in Labor Cost Components (Manufacturing Industries)
(International Comparisons)

Working Hours

43. Trend in Hours Actually Worked and Non-scheduled Hours Worked PDF(PDF:230KB)
44. Ratio of Enterprises and Employees by Main Type of Weekly Days Off PDF(PDF:251KB)
45. Average Number of Paid Holidays, Days Actually Taken and Rate of Usage by Size of Enterprise PDF(PDF:217KB)
46. Average Annual Hours Actually Worked per Employee PDF(PDF:213KB)
47. Adoption of Variable Working Hour System and De Facto Working Hour System (by Enterprise Size) (International Comparisons) PDF(PDF:261KB)

Industrial Accidents

48. Trends in Occurrence of Industrial Accidents (Frequency and Severity Rates) PDF(PDF:228KB)
49. Trends in Deaths and Injuries (Absences of Four or More Days from Work) PDF(PDF:215KB)

Retirement Allowance System

50. Amount of Accrued Benefit Payment at Retirement, by Educational Attainment and Type of Worker (2012) PDF(PDF:217KB)

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