Japanese Working Life Profile

  This booklet contains selected labor statistics to present a profile of Japanese workers from various perspectives. It covers basic statistical data to give a whole picture of Japanese labor situation, such as indices for economic environment, employment situation, working conditions, family life and social security policy. Also, it provides statistics on some topics dealing with current labor issues in Japan, including employment of elderly workers, increasing non-regular workers, foreign workers / labor migration, various working types, changing labor management relations, and so on.

2014/2015 Table of contents

Japanese Working Life Profile 2013/2014 -Labor Statistics


Size: 110mm×210mm, 
Pages: 92

January 2015 released

¥1,000 (Excl. tax)

Ⅰ. Economic Environment
— National Income
— Production Index
— Consumer Price
Ⅱ. Population / Labor Force
Ⅲ. Employment
— Employment Situation
— Employment for Persons 65 Years Old and Over
— Employment Situation of Non-regular
— Foreign Labor
Ⅳ. Labor Turnover / Unemployment
Ⅴ. Working Conditions (Wages, Working Hours, Others)
— Wage
— Working Hours
— Industrial Accidents
— Retirement Allowance System
Ⅵ. Education / Human Resources Development
— Education System / School / Employment
— Off-JT
Ⅶ. Labor Relations
— Labor Union
— Labor Dispute
Ⅷ. Worker's Life
Ⅸ. Social Security
— Social Security
— Social Insurance System
— Labor Insurance Benchmark

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