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Abstract (until February-March.2016)

Dec. 2016(No.677) Consideration on the Future of Working Time System


Current Problems of the Working Hours Law

Michio Tsuchida

ARTICLES Abstract No.677/December 2016(PDF:396KB)

Working Time in Major Industrialized Countries: Divergent Annual Working Time and Working Patterns
Hiromasa Suzuki
Why Do the Japanese Work Long Hours? Sociological Perspectives on Long Working Hours in Japan
Hiroshi Ono
Performance-based Pay and Working Hours
Motohiro Morishima
Challenges for Workplace regarding the Autonomy of Working Hours:Perspective for the Prevention of Overwork
Tomohiro Takami
Labor-management Autonomy and Legal Regulation in Deciding Working Time
Koji Morioka
The Future of Legal Policy on Working Time
Yoichi Shimada


Masakazu Yano The University in a Changing Environment :Economic Analysis of Educational Expansion and Marketization
Shuichi Tsukahara
Satoshi Nishitani Fundamental Structures of Labor Law
Susumu Noda
Tomoko Tsuji Seikatsu Kiroku; Writings about the Daily Experiences of Female Textile Workers in 1950s Japan
Kenzo Kitagawa


Quinetta M. Roberson“Disentangling the Meanings of Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations”
Yukiko Waki


Theresa May’s Challenges in Establishing New Grammar Schools
Takehiko Kariya

The 39th Annual Award for Research Monographs on Labor, 2016

The 17th Annual Award for Research Articles on Labor, 2016