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Abstract (until February-March.2016)

Oct. 2016(No.675) What the Form of Labour Should Be in the Agricultural Field


Agriculture as a Job Opportunity
Shinichi Shogenji

ARTICLES Abstract No.675/October 2016(PDF:406KB)

The Trends and Future Prospects of Agricultural Employment
Tsutomu Matsuhisa
The Structure of Agricultural Labor in the Netherlands
Yuichiro Ichinose
For Making Farming More Attractive for the Younger Generations
Kazuhito Yamashita
“Non-economic Rationales” for Cost-effective Industrial Agriculture: Based on Accounts of a Manager of an Agricultural Corporation Specializing in Spring Onion Production
Kenichi Noguchi
Challenges for Women Farmers’ Active Engagement in Agriculture
Kazue Sato
Agriculture and Labour Law
Hideo Kunitake


Masatoshi Ohki Origin and Development of Principle of Equal Treatment in Italy
Koichiro Yamaguchi
Yasushi Ichimori Japanese Employment Systems in Transition: HR-Line Work Relations
Takashi Nishimura


Ashley Mears “Working for Free in the VIP: Relational Work and the Production of Consent”
Shintaro Matsunaga


Globalization Cuts Red Tape at the Border?
Mizuki Komura