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Abstract (until February-March.2016)


Aug 2016(No.673) Current Situation of Labor Shortage Market and Countermeasures


Labor Shortage as an Opportunity for Transformation
Yukio Okubo


ARTICLES Abstract No.673/Aug 2016(PDF:407KB)

Recruitment and Retention of Human Resources in a Tight Labor Market: View Based on the Interview Survey for Companies
Hitoshi Nagano
A Posteriori Human Resource Management which Corresponds to Shortage of Labor: From the Viewpoint of Retention Management
Hiroshi Yamamoto
A Statistical Review on the Recent Labor Shortage
Ryo Kambayashi
A Study of Labor Shortage from Theoretical Perspectives
Makoto Masui
Labor Shortage and Labor Legislation: Atypical Employment and the Termination of Employment
Susumu Noda
Current Situation of Employing New University Graduates in the Period of a Labor Shortage
Akihito Toda


Akiyo Shimamura Income Security for the Elderly : Lessons for Japan from the Legal Systems of Brazil and Chile
Junko Takahata
Satoshi Yamaguchi The Space-time of ‘Shudan-Shushoku’: Collective Young Labor Recruitment and Migration in Japan
Hiroshi Ishida


Goldin, Claudia “A Grand Gender Convergence: Its Last Chapter”
Kaori Sato


Living Wage in London
Hiroko Okudaira