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June 2017(No.683) Labor Issues Explained from Macro Viewpoints

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Necessity for Activation of Labour Market Analysis from Macro Viewpoints
Souichi Ohta

ARTICLESAbstract June 2017(No.683) (PDF:43KB)

Business Cycles and Labour Market
Hiroaki Miyamoto
Revisiting UV Curve and Wage Phillips Curve from the DSGE View
Masataka Eguchi
Kazuhiro Teramoto
The Role of a National Shock in Fluctuations in Japanese Employment
Keiko Tamada
Long-term Trends of Employment: A Historical Review
Masaki Nakabayashi
Environmental Fluctuation surrounding Business and Labor Law
Atsushi Honjo
Organizational Flexibility and Human Resource Management in Japanese Firms
Tomoyuki Shimanuki


Yuichi Machida The Lower Classes in the Modern City: The Employment Agencies in Tokyo and the People around Them
Katsuhiko Shimada


da Motta Veiga, S. P., & Gabriel, A. S.“The Role of Self-determined Motivation in Job Search: A Dynamic Approach”
Sayaka Kosuge


Progressive Primary School in NY: Its Amazing Curriculum
Masako Kurosawa

The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies

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