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Abstract (until February-March.2016)


June 2016(No.671) Support for Career Development


The Supervision for Quality Development of Career Consultants
Mariko Miyagi


ARTICLES Abstract No.671/June 2016(PDF:409KB)

The Evolution and Legitimacy of the Employment Support Laws
Shinpei Ishida
Problems in Reemployment Support and Labor Movement Subsidies Seen in One Case
Masahiro Abe
How Do Japanese Companies Deal with the Aging Population? A Case Study of Applying Service Learning to Develop Middle-aged Employees
Yutaka Nakashima
Support to Temporary Agency Workers for Career Development : Centering on Attitudes Required for Staffing Agencies
Akiko Ono
Outsourcing of Employment Support Undertakings from Municipalities to Commissioned Organizations : The Coordination of “Projects in Motion” and the Training of Employment Supporters
Miki Tsutsui
Functional Roles and Quality Management of Career-consultants in the Near Future
Hiroshi Takahashi


Akitake Taniguchi “Genba-ism” (shop-oriented culture) : Histories of the Engineers in the UK, Germany, the USA and Japan
Mitsuru Yamashita
Sachiko Hayakawa The Registered Nurse and Temporary Work in the United States : The History and Particularity
Yumiko Katsuhara


Junya Tsutsui Work and the Family : Why is it So Hard to Work and to Have Children in Japan
Singou Ikeda


Kmec, Julie, A. “Why Academic STEM Mothers Feel They Have to Work Harder than Others on the Job”
Sayaka Shinohara


New Challenges for the Country of Tolerance
Takashi Yonezu