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October 12, 2017 updated

Distress in Childrearing Households


Yanfei ZHOU

Senior Researcher, Department of Human Resource Management

With a serious decline in the birth rate, there is growing public concern over issues of childrearing. Social support for childrearing households is increasingly strengthened through almost fully subsidized childbirth costs, free medical treatment for small children, enhanced childcare leave, an increase in the number of nurseries, expanded care for sick and recovering children, free tuition at senior high school, and so on. However, positive comments that childrearing today is “easier” or “less demanding” than it used to be is hardly ever heard from mothers. If anything, social issues connected with childrearing are now emerging more frequently than before, in forms such as child poverty, child abuse, children eating alone at home, or the “juggling act” for women who balance employment with housework and childrearing.

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