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Japanese Working Life Profile

Japanese Working Life Profile 2013/2014 -Labor Statistics


Ⅴ. Working Conditions (Wages, Working Hours, Others)


34. Rate of Change in Monthly Cash Earnings PDF(267KB)
35. Trends in Wage Levels PDF(218KB)
36. General Worker Wages by Education and Age Group, Wage Differentials by Age Group (Industry Totals, Enterprise Size Totals) PDF(254KB)
37. Trends in Enterprise Wage Differentials by Enterprise Size and Sex (Industry Totals) PDF(216KB)
38. Wage Differentials by Job Class PDF(251KB)
39. Wage Increase Trends Determined by Spring Labor Offensive and Bonus Payments (Summer and Year-end) PDF(252KB)
40. Summer and Year-end Bonus Payments PDF(251KB)
41. International Comparison of Wages (Manufacturing, Total of Male and Female)
42. Trends in Labor Cost Components (Manufacturing Industries)
(International Comparisons)

Working Hours

43. Trend in Hours Actually Worked and Non-scheduled Hours Worked PDF(230KB)
44. Ratio of Enterprises and Employees by Main Type of Weekly Days Off PDF(251KB)
45. Average Number of Paid Holidays, Days Actually Taken and Rate of Usage by Size of Enterprise PDF(217KB)
46. Average Annual Hours Actually Worked per Employee PDF(213KB)
47. Adoption of Variable Working Hour System and De Facto Working Hour System (by Enterprise Size) (International Comparisons) PDF(261KB)

Industrial Accidents

48. Trends in Occurrence of Industrial Accidents (Frequency and Severity Rates) PDF(228KB)
49. Trends in Deaths and Injuries (Absences of Four or More Days from Work) PDF(215KB)

Retirement Allowance System

50. Amount of Accrued Benefit Payment at Retirement, by Educational Attainment and Type of Worker (2012) PDF(217KB)

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