Ⅲ. Employment

Employment Situation

10. Job Referral Service (Excluding New Graduates) PDF(PDF:216KB)
11. Labor Force Status PDF(PDF:223KB)
12. Number of Establishments and Number of Employees by Size of Establishment (2012) PDF(PDF:214KB)
13. Number of Employees by Industry PDF(PDF:217KB)
14. Number of Employees by Occupation PDF(PDF:218KB)
15. Number of Employees by Sex and Education PDF(PDF:217KB)

Employment for Persons 65 Years Old and Over

16. Ratio of Older Employees by Sex, Age, and Type of Employment (2009) PDF(PDF:215KB)
17. Older Employees' Reasons for Working, by Sex and Age (2009) PDF(PDF:217KB)
18. Percentage of Enterprises That Use a Single Retirement Age System for All Employees, by Industry and Size of Enterprise (2012) PDF(PDF:218KB)
19. Ratio of Enterprises with Post-retirement Systems (2012) PDF(PDF:215KB)
20. Ratio of Enterprises with Employment Extension Systems and Rehiring Systems, by Industry and Size of Enterprise (2012) PDF(PDF:225KB)
21. Ratio of Enterprises with Employment Extension Systems and Rehiring Systems, by Size of Enterprise and Range of Application (2012) PDF(PDF:251KB)

Employment Situation of Non-regular

22. Number of Regular and Non-regular Employees (2012) PDF(PDF:215KB)
23. Number and Share of Short-time Employees in Total Number of Employees (Non-agricultural Industries) PDF(PDF:215KB)
24. Number of Female Part-time Workers and Their Ratio to the Total Number of Female Workers PDF(PDF:232KB)
25. Ratio of Part-time Workers in Different Countries (International Comparisons) PDF(PDF:215KB)
26. Trends in Number of Dispatched Workers PDF(PDF:263KB)

Foreign Labor

27. Inflows of Foreign Workers (International Comparisons) PDF(PDF:217KB)
28. Foreign Labor Force (International Comparisons) PDF(PDF:218KB)

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