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The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies
August 2018(No.697)
Occupation and Labor Market

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Four Dimensions of Occupation
Yasuo Suwa

ARTICLESAbstract August 2018(No.697) (PDF:412KB)

The Classification of Occupations and the Occupational Structure of Japan
Hiroshi Nishizawa
Comparative Analysis of Various Occupational Status Indexes in
Social Stratification Research
Namie Nagamatsu
Technology, Occupation, and Labor Markets
Ryo Kambayashi
Occupation as Career in Japan’s Internal Labor Market
Mitsuharu Miyamoto
The Concept of “Occupational Security” in Labor Legislation and
Regulation of the Labor Market
Kenji Arita
“Labor and Education” Revisited
Shigeo Kodama
Present Situation and Issues with the Vocational Qualifications System in Japan :
From the Viewpoint of Vocational Education and Training
Yuji Taniguchi
Does a Job Training Program Improve Motivation to Get a Job?
A Case Study of the “Shukatsu-Club” at Osaka Youth Hello-work
Hirofumi Kurokawa
Miki Kohara


How to Live and Work in the Era of Living to 100
Takako Sodei


Takeshi Nishimura The Professional Labor Market
Takumi Miwa


Goussé, Marion, Nicolas Jacquemet and Jean-Marc Robin
“Marriage, Labor Supply, and Home Production”
Yoshinori Nishimura


The Result of Fight for $15 in NY
Hisashi Ikeda

The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies

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