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Special Issue 2018(No.691)
The 2017 Conference on Labor Policy Study

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Panel Discussion “ Policy Issues on Treatment of Non-regular Employees ”

Consideration for the Justification Grounds for the Recent Legislation Concerning the Employment Protection and Equal Treatment of Atypical Workers
Masatoshi Ohki
Measures to Close the Wage Gap of Standard and Non-standard Workers
Nobuko Nagase
Changes in the Japanese Labor Market and the Rise in Non-regular Employment: Issues Surrounding Equal Pay for Equal Work
Yoshio Higuchi
Unionization of Non-regular Employees and Produced Effects
Hodaka Maeura

Open Session

Current Status and Issues of Crowd Workers in Europe, the United States and Japan
Myoung-Jung Kim
What Does RENGO Do?: A Reconsideration of Comparative Studies of Japanese Labor Politics
Toru Shinoda
50 Years of IIRA
Tadashi Hanami
Clarifying the Multidimensional Nature of Family Supportive Supervisor Behavior in Japan
Shizuka Takamura
External Activities, Side Businesses, and the Effectiveness of Human Resource Development
Nobutaka Ishiyama
The Significance of Shared Work Spaces in Freelance Work: A Case of an Animator’s Labor Process
Shintaro Matsunaga
Carrier Development of IT Human Resources to Make Them into a Longterm,Effective Workforce
Kota Yoshida
A Theoretical Examination of the Substitutability between Elderly and Younger Employees in Japanese Workplaces
Yasunori Kishida
In Which Companies “Employees’ Career Self-reliance” Is Promoted?
Makoto Fujimoto

The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies

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