Research Activity

Comprehensive Research on Labor Policies

The following research projects are now being conducted.

  • Research on Strategic Labor/Employment Policies for Non-regular Workers
    This research carries out studies on comprehensive and strategic labor/employment policies from a cross-sectional point of view.
  • Research on Employment/Labor in Response to Changes in Economic and Social Environments in Japan
    This research overviews Japan's mid-term framework of labor supply and demand and explores how labor, employment or the labor market is affected by structural changes in economy and society, such as economic globalization, global issues concerning the environment and resources, and the aging of and decline in population that has entered a new phase.
  • Research on Vocational Capability Development System in Response to Economic and Social Changes
    Amid changes in employment practices and modes, as well as in vocational capability development at educational stages, this research seeks ideal vocational capability development and evaluation systems and ideal means to connect education to vocational careers.
  • Research on Support for Lifetime Career Development and Promotion of Employment
    This research examines the actual circumstances and problems from the perspective of offering lifetime support for career development and promoting employment so as to realize enriched vocational careers.
  • Research on Companies´ Employment Systems and Personnel Strategies, Improvement of the Quality of Employment through Development of Employment Rules, and Realization of Decent Work
    This research ascertains the present status of companies' management strategies, their personnel management in response to changes in employment structure, and changes in the overall employment systems, and promote studies on how to improve the quality of employment through promoting work-life balance.
  • Research on Mechanism for Establishing Terms and Conditions of Employment, Centering on Labor Management Relations
    This research examines the current situations of labor management agreements and collective agreements in Europe, where collective bargaining systems have been working nationwide at the industry level, as well as issues of workplace harassment, which symbolizes the individualization of labor management relations.

Results of Research Activities

The results of our research activities will be published quickly in research reports on labor policies, newsletters and on the web site with an eye to contributing to the planning and drafting of labor policies and the stimulation of policy discussions among different strata. At the same time, the Institute will organize policy forums and other events to provide opportunities for open discussion on policies.

Collection and Analysis of Information on Labor and Related Policies

JILPT collects and analyzes a variety of labor-related statistical data and information, both domestically and internationally, with the aim of contributing to promote research and debate on labor policy.

Domestic Labor Information

Information on domestic labor trends, such as employment, human resource management, industrial relations and so on, is gathered and sorted through surveys including “Monitoring Survey on Business and Labor” and other researches which are carried out through questionnaires or interviews to businesses, management and labor organizations.

International Labor Information

  • Information on the labor situation in key countries is continuously and systematically assembled, and then sorted by country as well as by policy issue.
  • JILPT networks with foreign research institutions, participates in joint field surveys when necessary, and collects information on pressing issues for labor policy research.

Compilation and Dissemination of Various Statistics Data

A variety of statistical data related to labor is collected from a broad range of information sources. This data is analyzed and processed, and is used to provide information that cannot be obtained from existing numerical data.

Research Report

JILPT regularly publishes research reports as results of various researches and studies conducted. Listed below are some of the series provided in English.

International Research Networks

Creating Networks with Foreign Institutions

JILPT networks with research institutes in foreign countries with the aim of exchanging and utilizing to the extent possible the results of each other's research activities including joint study programs.

Accepting Foreign Researchers and Intellectuals, and Sending Researchers Abroad

Exchange researchers and intellectuals are undertaken to foster research into Japanese labor issues, as well as creating a basis for future joint international research.